Do I have to be present for the massage?

Yes. I will require an owner to be present for the assessment and massage. This is so that I can obtain a detailed history on your dog’s progress and needs and so that you can assist holding or distracting your dog while I assess them and perform the massage.

Can my dog have a massage if they are unwell?

Unfortunately if your dog is unwell I cannot massage them.

Can my dog have a massage if they have a skin irritation?

If your dog has a skin irritation it is best to ensure that it has been resolved before I begin massage treatment. This is because it can be quite painful for your pet massaging over irritated skin. If the irritation is only localised to a specific area I may be able to massage other areas.

Can the massage be performed outside?

Yes. The massage can be performed outside. It is important that your dog feels comfortable and as relaxed as possible which is why I am happy to perform massages outside if your dog prefers.

What do I have to prepare at home for the massage?

There is nothing you need to have prepared for the massage. I will bring a massage mat with me for your dog to lay on. I will also bring dog treats, however if your dog likes specific treats or has a sensitive tummy I am happy to use your treats.

How often will my dog need a massage?

The time in between massage visits will vary for each individual dog as it depends on your dog’s specific needs. Some dogs may benefit from a massage every few months. Others will benefit from fortnightly to monthly massages.

Is massage covered by pet insurance?

Unfortunately canine remedial massage therapy is not currently covered by pet insurance.